2015 Reading Challenges! ! !


The only reading challenge I have ever done was last years Goodreads challenge, and to my surprise I actually completed the goal I set. I can thank the handful of picture books I read at the check-in desk at work that put me over the top. This year, a lady at work and I are shooting for 100 books this year, my 2014 foal was twenty four so this will be quite a stretch for me.

I have been looking at challenges, and every time I look I find a new one I want to try. Though I recently returned 20 unread books to the library, so I have to be realistic. I know I don’t read enough young adult fiction and it is all the rage in the library I work at so I figure this one would be great.

365 Days of YA Reading Challenge

365DaysofYA Winter

Epic Reads put together this bomb ass reading info graphic, so of course I had to make use of it. Definitely a neat way for a complete YA noob like myself to map my year of reads. I was glad to see it included some of the popular series as well as lesser known titles and brand new novels in 2015.

For this challenge I have decided on monthly reads. I am more than happy to start with The Jewel. A Co-worker recommended it last year and it sounds like it may be right up my alley. I put it on hold a week or so ago and it has been sitting there saying “shipped” for days now, so hopefully it will come next Monday or Tuesday.

I am actually a huge nerd and have gone through all four info graphics and picked the books I want to read for the whole year, but every time I go back to look at it I find another title I want to look at. Very neat thing, I am really excited to get started on it.

Strand’s 2015 Reading Resolutions


Strand Books put together an interesting list of general goals to shoot for. I think it will ~diversify~ my list a little. Some will be a little bit of a head scratcher for me ( 500+ pages or 100 years old? idek). I have of course already failed on number 12, I am horrible but there are just some days when I don’t get around to reading a page a day. shame shame!


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